I’m Matt. I live in Seattle and do computer stuff for a day job.

This is a site to highlight music I like, primarily consisting of genres like progressive rock, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, and other related genres. And because I mostly listen to music I like, I expect most reviews posted here to be positive.

I also plan to have a few recurring segments, such as highlighting physical media, shining a light on underapppreciated releases of the past, doing in-depth looks at major acts’ catalogs, and doing occasional brief roundups of other releases I didn’t get the chance to fully review. As I think of more, this list will grow.

Many thanks to my editors/proofreaders, Kelci and Dan.

Facebook: TheEliteExtremophile

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Email: TheEliteExtremophile@gmail.com

Last.fm: Ghigigi (I’ve had this since well before the song this blog is named after came out)

Bandcamp collection: Ghigigi

I do also have the Twitter handle (@TEExtremophile) and an Instagram account (@TheEliteExtremophile), but I don’t really use either. I think I’ve tweeted a couple times, and I’m just not the type to post photos. I mostly just wanted to claim those URLs.